Bénéteau Antares Outboard

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A classic pilothouse boat for short cruises that will never go out of fashion. These fisher cruisers are safe and highly seaworthy thanks to a flared hull, and they enjoy the performance you only get from an outboard engine. The four outboard Antares are well-known for their cosy interiors and level of equipment, making them a joy to own and a best seller range.

Antares 5.8
This range-entry fisher cruiser (along with the Antares 6.80, Antares 7.80 and Antares 8.80) is a serious alternative to an open hull and offers greater habitability: she boasts clever fittings in the cabin and offers unrivalled comfort on a boat this size. Enjoy the pleasure of safe sailing in all seasons.

Antares 7 OB
Timeless, the latest Antares 7 has its root in the three values of safety, simplicity and habitability that have been present since the beginning of this range. A reliable boat designed to enjoy short coastal cruises, the Antares 7 can be towed.

Antares 8 OB
Agile, powerful and very habitable, the Antares 8 oozes character. The ideal boat for exploring new shores, she is wonderful for taking a break for a few days, confident that you are completely safe.

Antares 8.80
Easy comfortable cruising! The Antares 8.80 has plenty to offer: a spacious saloon, a real owner’s cabin, separate bathroom, a second double cabin, and an Airstep© hull that means that she has excellent seakeeping, making her really seaworthy.

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